PDRM Arrests Anti-Vax Couple Who Bragged About Dining In Without A Vaccine Certificate

The Facebook post went viral on Monday, 23 August, where the user shared that she and her husband have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 but were able to dine in and visit a barbershop.

According to the post, the woman called their outings “social experiments” to see if business owners would actually ask to see their vaccine certificates and turn them away.

“The last couple of days, after the news told us that people who have completed two vaccines doses can go around, I did my own social experiments,” she shared.

“People who are not satisfied with antivaxxers always say that those without two doses should just waste away at home. So I just wanted to test this out. I didn’t go to roadside stalls, I went to 7-Eleven, 99 Speedmart, and Pizza Hut,” she said.

I went into every store and not one premise checked to see if I’ve received two doses. Nobody asked me. Alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for me.”

According to the SOPs, the digital vaccine certificate is only needed at restaurants and a few other economic sectors, but not when entering convenience stores or marts.

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