Old Video Of Ipoh Security Guard Being Assaulted Emerges After His Death On Friday

The suspect who assaulted the guard was staying there as a homestay guest with his family and had come down to the swimming pool area on the 7th floor with his son, the Facebook post stated.

However, due to standard operating procedures (SOPs) that were in effect at the time under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) for the control of COVID-19, the guest was informed that only the adult swimming pool was open and the swimming pool for children was not allowed to be open, the post added.

The homestay guest didn’t want to follow the instructions and let his son play at the pool.

The family member alleges that another security guard who was also on duty at the time then informed the management office with the manager trying to reason with the guest to no avail.

After some time, when the victim was at his desk and checking the visitor’s record, the homestay guest came with his son and started arguing and provoking him, according to the post.

“My uncle explained to him the danger if he didn’t follow the rules. After some time the homestay guest pushed my uncle’s table with the intention to use it as a weapon to hit him. He was hit twice with the table and the homestay guest forcefully pushed him to the ground,” the family member added.

“After he did it, all the while his son was with him witnessing all that, he (the suspect) was roaming around that area for some time and suddenly ran over to the management office to inform the clerk that the guard has fallen down and that he only wanted to help him,” he went on in the post, adding that once the manager arrived there and saw the broken table, they went to check the CCTV which revealed the truth.

The management then took the victim to the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun in Ipoh, with the manager going to Pekan Bahru police station, where the corporal took the report regarding the incident.

However, when the victim’s wife went to the police station to lodge a report on the victim’s behalf, the family member alleges that the officers at the police station refused to take the report.

“This happened when I went to the Pekan Bahru police station as well after some days. The police department kept telling us that this case is still under investigation and the Investigation Officer (IO) had told the other officers not to take the report on the victim’s family behalf,” he added in the post.

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