“Indians Not Allowed” M’sians Enraged At Racist Sign On Foodbank In Johor Grocery Shop

Foodbanks have become a big part of the #KempenBenderaPutih movement going around the country. Through the existence of these food banks, struggling Malaysians can get whatever food items they need for free. But what happens when certain sections of the community are prohibited from getting any food items even if they’re in dire need?

A grocery shop in Johor recently went viral online for setting up a food bank that is, unfortunately, not open to all races.

“Indians not allowed to take the items for now.”

Food Bank Racist

A subsequent video went viral on WhatsApp where two Indian men confronted the shopkeepers for their sign after receiving complaints from the public. The shopkeepers seemed evasive and said that they have always practised helping everyone regardless of race.

“The board was there due to a problem but it’s not there anymore and we would like to apologise.”

Help without seeing race and religion!

Meanwhile, the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, said in a  Facebook post that food aid provided on the basis of helping the needy should be done sincerely, rather than involving racial issues.

“If you want to help, please be sincere by helping anyone in need. Do not discriminate along ethnic lines.”

Have you encountered such discriminatory food banks anywhere? Share your experience with us!


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