Aussie Teen Finds ‘Rare’ Puffy Nacho Chip, Lists It On ce-Bay & Gets Rewarded RM84k By Doritos

It really takes us a different kind of luck to get paid a lump sum of money for finding a rare nacho chip! 

A 13-year-old from Queensland, Australia recently got very lucky after she found she found a ‘rare’ nacho chip in a pack of Doritos she was eating. Unlike normal nacho chips that are triangular and flat, this nacho chip was entirely puffy.

The teen, Rylee Stuart then posted her discovery on Tiktok for fun, asking if the puffy Dorito is valuable or if she should just eat it.


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The video that was shared on 11 June 11 has since garnered 11 million views and sparked multiple reactions from users who comments on what she should do with the rare chip. Some people joked about preserving the rare chip in the museum, while others jokingly said she should sell it.

Looking at the comments, Rylee decided why not try and sell the nacho chip on e-Bay! She then made another video explaining her decision. She also gave viewers a much clearer view of the bloated chip in which she then stored in a container for safekeeping.


Girl With Chip In Container

According to News18, Rylee initially listed the chip on e-Bay, describing it as “puffy Dorito one of a kind”, for $0.99 (RM4.18) with postage around RM26. The reception was not something she expected as more people turned up and expressed their interest in the rare chip. There was even a bid for the chip, which went up to $20,000 (RM84,370), according to Indian Express.

“I saw $10,000 (on the listing), and I like screamed,” Rylee told 9news.

13 Year Old Teen Turns 3 Bag Of Doritos Into 20000 After

The listing, however, was taken down after it attracted excessive attention. But luckily for Rylee, it managed to get the attention of Doritos Australia and they decided to reward her a sum of $20,000!

Vandita Pandey, the chief marketing officer for Doritos revealed that the company was impressed with Rylee’s “boldness and entrepreneurial spirit”. The money is a reward from the company for Riley and her family’s creativity and love for Doritos, reported Business Insider.

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