Army Veteran’s Family Living Under A Bridge In KL For 2 Years Finally Given Temporary Home

Suria, his wife, and their five children aged between three and 14 years old, have been living in a narrow, makeshift hut with plywood walls and no roof since November 2019, because they cannot afford rent.

The fate of the family of seven recently went viral after a MalaysiaGazette video was uploaded on social media.

According to the video, Suria previously worked as a fruit seller and lived in the Sri Sabah flats in Cheras with his in-laws. However, due to the large number of residents there — more than 13 people — he was forced to bring his wife and children to live under the bridge.

Suria is a retiree who once joined the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping force to Bosnia. He receives a military pension of RM900 a month but has to pay loan sharks RM600 per month for taking up a loan for his fruit business.

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