Amazfit PowerBuds Pro with ANC arrives in Malaysia with a promo price of RM639

If you haven’t heard yet, Amazfit is releasing their new PowerBuds Pro—which has active noise cancellation (ANC) features and can also help track your heart rate and fix your posture. The buds will be available in Malaysia, and during its first day sale, you can get a RM60 discount on their online store.

To delve a little more on its features, the Amazfit PowerBuds Pro has some pretty nifty ones that could help balance your active/working lifestyle. A stand-out feature is its ability to monitor your heart rate as you exercise with an in-ear PPG heart rate sensor. The buds will play an alert if an abnormally high heart rate in sensed and it could also sync your data up with other sport apps like Adidas Runtastic (iOS, Android), Runkeeper (iOS, Android) and others.

Another feature is its Cervical Spine Posture Reminders—which is so useful for most of us who need to work on a desk hunched over a laptop. The PowerBuds Pro can detect your sitting angle of your cervical spine, so you can see if your posture is improving. If your posture hasn’t changed in some time, you’ll hear a musical rhythm which lets you move your neck around to.

Additinally, the Amazfit PowerBuds Pro has ANC that can reduce noise up to 40 decibels. It also can switch to different modes based on what the user will be doing, like Indoor Mode (cancels out background noises to help you concentrate on work), Travel Mode (blocks out noise of engine rumbling, but you’re still able to hear announcements), Workout Mode (cancels out noise like wind sounds, but still lets you hear traffic noises for outside workouts), and Adaptive Mode (which you can adjust based on your own preferences).

Other notable features include Smart Hearing Protection—which monitors the decibel level of music being played in your ears in real-time, Smart Recognisation for Running—which automatically detects if you’ve started running and tracks your data, call noise redection, and the ability to play music for up to 30 hours with its charging case.

The features mentioned remind me of features I use on my smartwatch, but with slight differences. For example, instead of Spine Posture reminders, a smartwatch can let me know when I’ve been sitting down for too long. A smartwatch will also let me know if I have a higher-than-usual heart rate. If you want to access these health tracking features in a pair of earbuds instead of on your wrist, the Amazfit PowerBuds Pro could be something you can consider.

The Amazfit Powerbuds Pro will be available for purchase starting 21 August 2021 for a promo price of RM639 instead of their regular price of RM699. You can purchase the buds on their official Shopee store.

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