3 Ways to Save Money on Spotify Premium Price in Malaysia

This short and sweet article will inform you of the Spotify Premium price AND give you 3 ways to save money on Spotify Premium fee.  It comes with the following disclaimer.

Pre-article disclaimer: I am not accountable for whatever happens to your Spotify accounts should you use any of these tips, including but not limited to suspended accounts and extra charges. That said, the chances of that happening is very small.

Spotify Premium Price

As of the time of writing, the Spotify Premium price is as follows:

  • Spotify Premium price for Spotify Individual Plan (1 user): RM14.90 per month / RM178.80 per year
  • Spotify Premium price for Spotify Duo Plan (2 users): RM19.80 per month / RM237.60 per year 
  • Spotify Premium price for Spotify Family Plan (up to 6 users): RM23.80 per month / RM285.60 per year

Source: Spotify Premium Malaysia

Let’s get into how to save money on your Spotify Premium fee 🙂

Method #1 – Get on a Duo or Family instead of an Individual Plan

Sharing is not only caring, but it’ll save you money on your Spotify Premium plan. If everyone contributes equally, 

  • Sharing with 1 other person in the Spotify Duo Plan will cost each of you RM9.90 per month, or RM118.80 per year.
  • Sharing with 5 other people in the Spotify Family Plan will cost each of you RM3.97 per month, or RM47.60 per year

The catch is that someone must be responsible to hold the main account. They will make the payment to Spotify via their account as well as assign account keys to the other five people. The main account holder will also have to chase the rest for payments, so the effective way is to collect the money upfront.

Important point: All six of you need to key in the exact same address.

Method #2 – Keep an eye out for deals

As of the time of writing, Spotify Premium Malaysia offers Spotify Premium Mini, which comprises the following deals:

  • Spotify Premium price for 1 Day: RM1.00
  • Spotify Premium price for 1 Week: RM3.90

There is also a new user-only deal – the Spotify Premium price for 3 Months costs just RM15.90.

Note: Spotify no longer gives Spotify student price. They used to, but they stopped (as far as I’m aware).

Other expired Spotify Premium deals in the past include:

  • [EXPIRED] GrabRewards Gold and Platinum users can enjoy 3 months of Spotify Premium Plan for free
  • [EXPIRED] Spotify used to offer 3-month Spotify Premium Plan for just RM2.
  • [EXPIRED] Maxis’ ONEPlan has an option to get 1-year Spotify Premium Plan for RM1, if you lock your phone plan in a 2-year contract.
  • [EXPIRED] Via Hotlink, you can get 3-month Spotify Premium Plan for RM14.90

Note: The list is not exhaustive, just the ones I know. Do have a look with your telco provider and e-wallets, in case they do other short-term deals. If you know more, please comment and share.

Method #3 – Buy Spotify Gift Cards

You can also subscribe to Spotify Premium via activating codes sold on Spotify Premium Gift Cards – you can find them at convenience stores like 7-Eleven. The retail price for the Spotify Premium Gift Cards is:

  • RM14.90 for 1 month
  • RM44.70 for 3 months
  • RM89.40 for 6 months

Some people receive Spotify Premium Gift Cards as gifts but didn’t want them (they don’t use or are current user), so they resell them on secondhand marketplaces like Carousell. I have seen them going for ~20-40% less than the retail price, ie around RM10, RM30 and RM60 for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months respectively. Cheaper for you!

Note: Careful of scams; check the reputation of the seller. If your Spotify Premium Gift Card doesn’t work, there is very little you can do 🙁

Well there you have it! 3 methods to save money on Spotify Premium fee. Enjoy your ad-free music and podcast 🙂 Personally for me, it’s worth it.

While you’re at it, here’s how to save money on Netflix subscription, too.

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